American Janitorial

American janitorial offers you the following services for your company:
Cleaning Masters

American janitorial offers you the following services for your company:
*Janitorial Cleaning
*Office Cleaning
*Commercial Cleaning

General Dusting and Surface Cleaning

We will go through and dust bookshelves, desks, and other furniture as well as wipe down surfaces to keep them free of debris. 

Floor Cleaning

We’ll vacuum carpets areas to help extend their life, and we sweep and mop any floor areas.

Restroom Cleaning

We clean and disinfect bathrooms on a daily basis to make sure your employees have a clean space. Professional cleaning products make the difference when it comes to bacteria. The frequently touched areas such as the faucets and towel dispensers get our special attention.

Trash Removal

We empty trash from offices and common areas on regular daily basis 

Set up a cleaning schedule that works for your business, whether it is one day a week or five days a week. 

 In our collective experience over the years, we have come to know that various businesses and organizations do operate on their very own schedules. This has led us to provide a tailor-made janitorial cleaning service that is not rigid, as we work according to our client’s schedule and work hours. In other words, the time when we provide janitorial cleaning services does not matter, regardless of whether it is limited to just once a week, a regular cleaning routine at night, or even a twice-weekly routine. American Janitorial  will ensure that our staff is ready to go and will finish the job on time

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Elieth  Hoffman