About us

Laborforce Now, LLC is a Temporary Agency that provides recruiting services and personnel to clients in specialized fields. With over 20 years of experience, Laborforce Now, LLC and its partners successfully staff full-time and part-time employees to fill the quick-changing workplace demands.

Dedicated to suit the changing needs of our clients, Laborforce Now, LLC recruits administers and manages pre-qualified, certified works of all skill levels for a variety of industries.

Our extensive experience, diversified clientele, and our in-house employee base enable quick delivery of qualified, certified skilled workers often at a moment’s notice. Long term hiring with us has excellent benefits for you, the client.  Including 1G Workers Comp, payroll and unemployment. Call to find out.

Just some of our accomplished fields:

  • Landscaping
  • Housekeeping
  • Industrial / Factory
  • Snow removal services
  • Agriculture

Labor Force helps get the job done.

The Founder

Elieth Hoffman has spent the last 20 years working in the industries of recruiting, labor management, and call centers.

Born in Costa Rica, educated in labor administration both in Central America and the USA, fluent in Spanish, her expertise in the complexities of the Hispanic/Mexican workforce built the success of Laborforce Now, LLC. What frustrates many with the changing challenges of today’s workforce comes naturally to her.

Let Laborforce Now, LLC help you with unique needs.


Laborforce Now, LLC provides workforces in a large variety of fields. Our large, diversified client base enables us to manage an equally large workforce of pre-qualified, pre-certified skilled and unskilled workers. Supplying 1G Workers Comp, payroll and unemployment.

Just some of our current fields:

  • Landscaping: all aspects of commercial and residential
  • Nursery services: plantings, trimmings, all aspects of maintenance
  • Construction services: patios, drywall, clean up, etc.
  • Housekeeping: all aspects
  • Window cleaning: industrial and hotel cleaning
  • Snow Removal Service: salting, porch shoveling, snow blower and all aspects of winter cleaning and maintenance
  • Agriculture services
  • Green, environmentally friendly industries

A few of our projects you would know:

  • Target Center
  • Excel Center
  • Gophers Stadium
  • Parade of Homes

We provide you the trained Labor force and all that goes with it.

Consult with a Labor Force specialist to see what we can offer you.

American Janitorial

American janitorial offers you the following services for your company:
Cleaning Masters

American janitorial offers you the following services for your company:
*Janitorial Cleaning
*Office Cleaning
*Commercial Cleaning

General Dusting and Surface Cleaning

We will go through and dust bookshelves, desks, and other furniture as well as wipe down surfaces to keep them free of debris. 

Floor Cleaning

We’ll vacuum carpets areas to help extend their life, and we sweep and mop any floor areas.

Restroom Cleaning

We clean and disinfect bathrooms on a daily basis to make sure your employees have a clean space. Professional cleaning products make the difference when it comes to bacteria. The frequently touched areas such as the faucets and towel dispensers get our special attention.

Trash Removal

We empty trash from offices and common areas on regular daily basis 

Set up a cleaning schedule that works for your business, whether it is one day a week or five days a week. 

 In our collective experience over the years, we have come to know that various businesses and organizations do operate on their very own schedules. This has led us to provide a tailor-made janitorial cleaning service that is not rigid, as we work according to our client’s schedule and work hours. In other words, the time when we provide janitorial cleaning services does not matter, regardless of whether it is limited to just once a week, a regular cleaning routine at night, or even a twice-weekly routine. American Janitorial  will ensure that our staff is ready to go and will finish the job on time

We can offer a great price please feel free to email americanjanitorialmn@gmail.com or please call our office at 612-746-4050.

Contact us now and your company will be happy to have spit services.

Elieth  Hoffman 

Jobs – Trabajos


Nuestra prioridad es encontrarte un trabajo. En la sección de FORMS podrás imprimir y completar la aplicación de empleo que te ayudará a tener una entrevista más productiva donde principalmente nos concentraremos en tus áreas de interés o en las especialidades laborales que tengas.

En la misma sección de formas podrás encontrar también otros documentos oficiales para comprobar elegibilidad laboral así como tus obligaciones fiscales. Toma un momento para llenar la aplicación, una vez completa llámanos para programar una cita o ven a nuestra oficina.

En la sección titulada JOBS, podrás encontrar un listado de las posiciones más recientes que tenemos disponibles para ser llenadas, si te interesa alguna o bien si crees estar capacitado para tomar alguna de estas no dudes en llamarnos.

Estamos felices de que seas parte del equipo Laborforce Now, LLC .


Our priority is to find you a job that´s right for you. By printing and completing our online application in the FORMS section, we will have a more productive interview and we can concentrate on getting to know your areas of interest and/or expertise.

Please take a moment to fill out an application and once completed please call our office to schedule an interview.

In the JOBS section, you will find a listing of the most recent open positions available to be staffed, if you are interested in any or if you think you have the qualifications to take one of those don’t hesitate to call us.

We are looking forward to speaking with you and have you as part of the Laborforce Now, LLC team.

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